Fit for work!

Well, I have really made a crucial milestone. Today is my last day of being signed-off as unfit for work. After 4 1/2 months of rehab I feel great. I still have to walk with stick but I can now get about with some ease. But this is not the only good news.

I attended Fracture Clinic today. I got another set of X-Rays. The results are that I have been doing a huge amount of healing. I still have some gaps, but those gaps are getting much smaller. They don’t want to see me again until 13 August! It’ll be another 6 months before I start running again….I’m a patient man (and if you believe that, you’ll believe anything!).

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David Byrne’s big suit

Now that I am making great progress, my energies are now being focussed on finding a job. Today I went to see a recruitment agency. To get back into the work state of mind I put on my suit. It really showed how much weight I’ve lost. It looked huge and baggy on me. I was reminded of the former Talking Heads lead man who used to wear an enormous suit.

Looks like a trip to M&S is required!

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Forgotten something?

Went out today. Got to the street and then felt something was missing. I’d forgotten to take my walking sticks or cruches with me…oops. This is a good thing but potentially worrying. I am either going senile or healing. I walked back to the house and got my walking sticks. By the time I got to the front door my leg felt a wee bit sore – so still plenty work to be done. I am going to start going out with only 1 stick soon. I might buy a stylish cane. I could be as dapper as Hercule Poirot!?

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Exercising my franchise

Yesterday was local election day. I took the opportunity to lollop down to the polling place (when did they change from being called polling stations?). This was a fair schlep of 1.5k. Feeling great, I then went off to the the gym and went through my exercises. I have a good combination of shoulder, chest and core exercises. I also do some squats. My favourite, though, is spending time on the bike. I managed a total of 12minutes and 30 seconds at minimal resistance. The best part is that the bike looks over a duck pond. I get to watch ducks and swans frolicking (do they frolick?).

As the sun was shining and there was a pro tennis tournament, I decided to come back in the afternoon and bask. All in all, it was a great day.

Today…knackered. For an, allegedly, intelligent guy I don’t seem to learn. I had overdone it. Today, I am tired and achy. So (under instruction from Hazel) I have ‘decided’ to have a rest day. I have hardly ventured over the doorstep. It is a bit chilly and damp anyway!

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Outdoor & indoor pursuits

On saturday Hazel and I headed off to the Outdoor Pursuits show at Ingliston. The aim was to watch some of the demonstrations (eg. mountain biking tricks) and get some holiday ideas. We are gathering ideas on the assumption that I won’t be 100% this summer. The first thing we came across were campervans. I have never been a fan of the modern campervan viewing them as snails on wheel. Well, my view has changed. We saw very neat, custom-made vans that can be hired. This would be ideal for us if we decide to tour Scotland. I can’t envisage me being flexible enough for camping. This could be the next best thing. We also got chatting to some guys about canoeing/kayaking. One charming chap suggested (correctly) ‘if you’re leg’s bugg*&d you can always paddle’. There is one trip down the Great Glen that has caught my fascination.

Sunday saw me watching the London Marathon (always inspirational) and a trip to the gym. I can’t measure how great it is to be back in the gym. I have a whole new array of exercises to do. I am going to continue to work on my upper body as I wean myself off the crutches. This involves using an interesting selection of weight machines – all good fun. I am also using something called the Roman Chair for core exercises (best google it!) and TRX bands.

I have been to my physio gym class yesterday and back to the gym today!! I feel great.

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Sport Billy returns

I am happy to announce that Sport Billy has returned! I am getting back to my usual routine of gym visits and swimming. Okay, it is a bit of stretch to compare what I am doing now with what I did before but it is similar.

On Tuesday I went to my first physio gym session. It was a gym session supervised by a physio. I went through my usual set of exercises with a couple of extra ones thrown in. The first these was balancing on a wobble ball. This was great fun and reminded me of skiing specific exercises. I was really pleased with my balance. My highlight of the session was the two 5 minute shots I had on the exercise bike. Even though I had the bike set up for zero resistance, it was great to be doing something definitely sporty.

Today I went off to the Commie Pool for my hydrotherapy exercises. I have come back buzzing. I was able to increase the number of repetitions of each set of exercises. Brilliant. I also didn’t get any weard looks today…which is nice.

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Slow down, you go too fast

On sunday I was due to run the Edinburgh Half Marathon. After some thought, I decided that I was just short of fitness to make a decent run at it! However, with it being such a lovely sunny morning I decided to get the bus into town and lend my vocal support to those running. I only had the energy to lean on my crutches for 30 minutes but during that time I saw lots of people really giving their all over a very difficult half-marathon course. It was inspirational. I have no idea when I’ll be able to run again but watching these people gave me another boost.

Yesterday I had my latest visit to the fracture clinic. It was a mixed picture of news. The good news is that my fibula has healed. The other news is that it is still inconclusive as to whether my tibia is healing. Looking at the x-rays, I still have big gaps! However, the surgeon still remains optimistic as she felt my leg, it felt good. She doesn’t want to see me for 6 weeks. I have to put as much weight on my leg as I can. Effectively this means that I am now fully weight-bearing (as long as I can stand it).

This news is timed marvellously with my physio visit today. I am joining a rehab gym class today. The exercises all involve some form of full weight-bearing. It is also fits with my varying modes of getting about. In the house I use no aids or 1 walking stick. Within 300 metres of the house I use 2 walking sticks. For longer journeys I use crutches. My challenge is to increase the use of walking sticks and no aids. I have to watch myself though. I have a tendency to do too much and knacker myself. After fracture clinic yesterday, I had a consultation with my chief physio (Hazel) over coffee and cake (consultation fee). I asked what exercise I should do before my gym class…I was assertively informed that that was my exercise and I need to ration my efforts. I also need to factor in all effort including doing dishes, going to the loo and going to the shop. I think I best listen to good advice!

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