Slow down, you go too fast

On sunday I was due to run the Edinburgh Half Marathon. After some thought, I decided that I was just short of fitness to make a decent run at it! However, with it being such a lovely sunny morning I decided to get the bus into town and lend my vocal support to those running. I only had the energy to lean on my crutches for 30 minutes but during that time I saw lots of people really giving their all over a very difficult half-marathon course. It was inspirational. I have no idea when I’ll be able to run again but watching these people gave me another boost.

Yesterday I had my latest visit to the fracture clinic. It was a mixed picture of news. The good news is that my fibula has healed. The other news is that it is still inconclusive as to whether my tibia is healing. Looking at the x-rays, I still have big gaps! However, the surgeon still remains optimistic as she felt my leg, it felt good. She doesn’t want to see me for 6 weeks. I have to put as much weight on my leg as I can. Effectively this means that I am now fully weight-bearing (as long as I can stand it).

This news is timed marvellously with my physio visit today. I am joining a rehab gym class today. The exercises all involve some form of full weight-bearing. It is also fits with my varying modes of getting about. In the house I use no aids or 1 walking stick. Within 300 metres of the house I use 2 walking sticks. For longer journeys I use crutches. My challenge is to increase the use of walking sticks and no aids. I have to watch myself though. I have a tendency to do too much and knacker myself. After fracture clinic yesterday, I had a consultation with my chief physio (Hazel) over coffee and cake (consultation fee). I asked what exercise I should do before my gym class…I was assertively informed that that was my exercise and I need to ration my efforts. I also need to factor in all effort including doing dishes, going to the loo and going to the shop. I think I best listen to good advice!


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A skier with a severely broken leg.
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