Sport Billy returns

I am happy to announce that Sport Billy has returned! I am getting back to my usual routine of gym visits and swimming. Okay, it is a bit of stretch to compare what I am doing now with what I did before but it is similar.

On Tuesday I went to my first physio gym session. It was a gym session supervised by a physio. I went through my usual set of exercises with a couple of extra ones thrown in. The first these was balancing on a wobble ball. This was great fun and reminded me of skiing specific exercises. I was really pleased with my balance. My highlight of the session was the two 5 minute shots I had on the exercise bike. Even though I had the bike set up for zero resistance, it was great to be doing something definitely sporty.

Today I went off to the Commie Pool for my hydrotherapy exercises. I have come back buzzing. I was able to increase the number of repetitions of each set of exercises. Brilliant. I also didn’t get any weard looks today…which is nice.


About titaniumrod

A skier with a severely broken leg.
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