Outdoor & indoor pursuits

On saturday Hazel and I headed off to the Outdoor Pursuits show at Ingliston. The aim was to watch some of the demonstrations (eg. mountain biking tricks) and get some holiday ideas. We are gathering ideas on the assumption that I won’t be 100% this summer. The first thing we came across were campervans. I have never been a fan of the modern campervan viewing them as snails on wheel. Well, my view has changed. We saw very neat, custom-made vans that can be hired. This would be ideal for us if we decide to tour Scotland. I can’t envisage me being flexible enough for camping. This could be the next best thing. We also got chatting to some guys about canoeing/kayaking. One charming chap suggested (correctly) ‘if you’re leg’s bugg*&d you can always paddle’. There is one trip down the Great Glen that has caught my fascination.

Sunday saw me watching the London Marathon (always inspirational) and a trip to the gym. I can’t measure how great it is to be back in the gym. I have a whole new array of exercises to do. I am going to continue to work on my upper body as I wean myself off the crutches. This involves using an interesting selection of weight machines – all good fun. I am also using something called the Roman Chair for core exercises (best google it!) and TRX bands.

I have been to my physio gym class yesterday and back to the gym today!! I feel great.


About titaniumrod

A skier with a severely broken leg.
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