Exercising my franchise

Yesterday was local election day. I took the opportunity to lollop down to the polling place (when did they change from being called polling stations?). This was a fair schlep of 1.5k. Feeling great, I then went off to the the gym and went through my exercises. I have a good combination of shoulder, chest and core exercises. I also do some squats. My favourite, though, is spending time on the bike. I managed a total of 12minutes and 30 seconds at minimal resistance. The best part is that the bike looks over a duck pond. I get to watch ducks and swans frolicking (do they frolick?).

As the sun was shining and there was a pro tennis tournament, I decided to come back in the afternoon and bask. All in all, it was a great day.

Today…knackered. For an, allegedly, intelligent guy I don’t seem to learn. I had overdone it. Today, I am tired and achy. So (under instruction from Hazel) I have ‘decided’ to have a rest day. I have hardly ventured over the doorstep. It is a bit chilly and damp anyway!


About titaniumrod

A skier with a severely broken leg.
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